Student Grants

Since 2002 YES has awarded some 1,200 grants to students in 41 different developing countries (DCs).

The grant is intended to cover a specific student need (books, transport, food, accommodation, tuition fees etc.) rather than the student’s entire expenses, with the aim of fostering shared responsibility on the part of the recipient. The awarding process follows criteria favouring the existence of links with the educational setting. A grant (generally annual) may also be renewed for subsequent years. Any requests for renewal are assessed based on both the academic results attained and the personal circumstances of the recipient.

Grants are awarded based on criteria of:

  • real economic necessity,
  • scholastic merit,

taking account of the different contexts and needs. Payment of the grant is made at three-, four- or six-monthly intervals, depending on the specific need covered by the grant. Allowances for high school students are paid to tutors, appointed by the relevant National Board, who ensure that the funds are spent on the real needs of students.

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