Supporting Existing Centres

Over the years, YES has supported several education and training centres around the world through grants to students and small investments in teaching materials. Specifically:

  • Sao Paulo(Brazil) – Casa Edimar: run by the Associaciao Estudo e Trabalho, a non-governmental non-profit association whose objective is the education and vocational training of young people and adults in the city of Sao Paulo.
  • Santa Fe (Argentina) – Puerto Franco: education centre focused on assisting study through the voluntary contribution of university teachers and students.
  • Santiago (Chile) –San José Education Centre: comprises a Special School for children with language deficits, a Nursery School and a Primary School.
  • Itaguà (Paraguay) – Virgen de Caacupè Children’s Home: an educational proposition aiming to respond to the need for rehabilitation of minors in trouble with the law. It is set up as a farm for agricultural produce that also comprises metal and carpentry workshops.
  • Santa Catarina (Paraguay) – Colegio Santa Catarina da Siena: school favouring an educational approach aimed at all-round development of the individual, with special attention to music.