Day Care Centre, Kampala (Uganda)

The Acholi Quarter is a slum district in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. A Ugandan NGO, Meeting Point International, has been working here for many years, helping to improve the living conditions of the population and re-establishing a supportive community fabric. On the initiative of Meeting Point International, a centre was opened in the slum in 2004 for the care and education of 40 children, aged between 2 and 6 years: the Day Care Centre. The aim was to respond to a need expressed by several mothers who were concerned about leaving their young children largely unattended for the whole day.

In January 2006, following awareness campaigning and fund-raising activities, work started on building new premises. The Day Care Centre – in collaboration with YES and the Lugagnano Committee for Kampala – successfully constructed a salubrious covered area suited to educational activities, on land made available by the local council.

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