About us

YES was set up in the wake of the economic and social crisis that struck Argentina in 2001 and which forced many young people to abandon their studies.

In this context, a group of professionals involved in the country’s systems in various capacities set up a network of personal and professional relationships, with the goal of ensuring continuity of financial support for the educational paths of students in Argentina.

Within a few years further projects in support of students at high schools and universities were launched in several other countries: first in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, then in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

To date, YES has intervened in 41 countries around the world with various programmes in support of the training paths of students in need. The Association operates by involving professionals and teachers working in local education settings, to better understand the real needs of each context and to establish as personal a relationship as possible with the beneficiaries of their projects.

There are three of fields of action ongoing: providing student grants, establishing new education and training centres and supporting existing education and training centres, organizing an Italy – Latin America network.